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ARC IP Law, PC has expanded its areas of service from patents, trademarks and litigation to include real estate law and business law. Originally, ARC IP Law was created with an emphasis on Intellectual Property Law. With over 100 patents issued, ARC IP Law maintains a strong presence in the patent world. Danna J. Cotman, Esq. leads the trademark and business law areas for ARC IP Law and holds JD and MBA degrees. She also was the 2008 President of the La Jolla Bar Association and serves as a Temporary Judge in the San Diego Superior Court Small Claims and Traffic Divisions. ARC IP Law professionals have obtained well-known patents such as the camera system that is held by ropes above football games as seen on CBS and FOX. Registered Patent Agent Joe Mayo has also obtained patents related to image processing, movie making, mechanical, medical devices, software, computers, robotics and wireless inventions. ARC IP Law has filed patents in 34 countries. Recently ARC IP Law has added real estate and litigation attorney Ariel Sabban who has been in private practice for over thirteen years.

  1. Patents
  2. Trademarks
  3. Copyrights
  4. Litigation
  5. Licensing
  6. Business Law
  7. Real Estate Law
  8. SLAPPs
Design patents..........$1500
Utility patents..........$4k-$10k
International patents..........$5k-$10k

Patent Areas

Antennas Electrical Medical Devices
Audio Processing Image Processing Software
Computer Systems Internet Robotics
Databases Mechanical Wireless

The following fees are estimates based on typical client needs. Fees may vary depending on your particular situation.

US TM Search..........$350
Comprehensive US TM Search..........$1250
Comprehensive US and International TM Search..........Call for Quote
Customized Search..........Call for Quote
Actual Use Trademark Application ..........$850 (Includes government filing fee)
Intent-to-Use Trademark Application..........$850
Statement of use..........$350 (Includes government filing fee)
Response to Office Actions on Pending Trademark Applications..........Hourly
Foreign Trademark Protection..........Call for Quote
Trademark Watch Service..........Call for Quote

Standard US TM Search includes US Federal and State search. Comprehensive US TM Search also includes US Common Law databases and Internet Domain Names. Comprehensive US and International TM Search also includes searches in Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, Germany and WIPO. Customized searches are also available to assist clients with a legal analysis for brand availability or expansion, company names, foreign trademarks or common law.

Copyrights..........$295 including Copyright Office Fees.
Includes sending the proper forms to the Copyright Office to ensure that your copyright is part of the public record. Send us a copy of your book, manuscript, CD, video or other work that is fixed in some physical form and we will prepare and file the copyright for you.
US Litigation..........Call for Quote
We perform a variety of different types of litigation and have done so for the last 12 years. Each case is different and requires us to understand your needs before giving you a free quote.
US Licensing..........Call for Quote
We handle a wide variety of licensing issues. Each invention licensed is unique and requires us to understand your business goals before giving you a free quote.
US Business Law..........Call for Quote
We handle a wide variety of business law related issues. Whether you need to form a corporation, handle disagreements and or require settlements, we can achieve your goals in a cost effect and efficient manner. Please call us so that we can give you a free quote.
Our firm has substantial experience in real estate law and litigation. Real estate matters tend to encompass numerous interrelated legal disciplines-like the law of contracts, torts, restitution, equity, and procedure to name a few-such that a practitioner's understanding of the geography of real estate cases is essential. Our areas of emphasis include transactional fraud and nondisclosure cases, professional (broker/agent, inspector, appraiser, etc.) liability, construction and construction disputes, easements, encroachments, and other landownership issues, and landlord-tenant and homeowners association matters.

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Our firm's First Amendment practice includes the representation of clients against what are known as Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (or "SLAPPs"). SLAPP cases involve an abuse of the judicial process by the filing of a lawsuit primarily to chill the valid exercise of the constitutional rights of free speech or petition. Attorney Ariel Sabban is the firm's resident specialist in anti-SLAPP motions, and has successfully represented numerous clients who have been inappropriately sued in violation of California's anti-SLAPP statute (Code of Civil Procedure § 425.16). Importantly, the anti-SLAPP statute mandates recovery of attorney's fees by a successful defendant from an offending plaintiff. Mr. Sabban has litigated numerous anti-SLAPP motions in both the trial and appellate courts and has been awarded substantial attorney's fees as a result.

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