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United States Patent 7,676,272
Lang March 9, 2010

Implantable device system to collect parameter data for service center


An implantable device system comprising an implantable medical device, an external transceiver device and a service center. The implantable medical device comprises a battery and an electronic module including a stimulation pulse generator, a sensing stage, a control unit adapted to collect data representing values of operational parameters (e.g. peak or average current consumption, high/low/average voltage level) of the battery and the electronics. The external transceiver device comprises an external transceiver unit and a data communication interface and the service center comprises another data communication interface adapted to allow data communication with the external transceiver device. Service center includes a central database adapted to store data received from the external transceiver per implantable medical device over time, a data evaluation module adapted to evaluate including trending of data stored in the database and a user interface adapted to display trended data and to receive user inputs.

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